Our Purpose

Designed to protect PEOPLE, PETS, and PROPERTIES from ticks and tick-borne illnesses and minimize the impact on pollinators with a customized, personal, and effective tick management program.

Organic, Scientific and Traditional Tick Control Solutions & Prevention Programs

The thought of ticks is enough to give me goose bumps. Our region being among the highest to report Lyme Disease in the country. Two of the more common worrisome ticks here in New England are the American Dog tick and Deer Tick. We scout locations on client’s properties targeting where these vectors live. Included but not limited to a property perimeter spray, tall grasses, perimeter of your home and landscapes and the preferred habitat of the deer ticks. The Ecotone (Sites between lawn and wooded areas. Organic treatments are available, and are designed to minimize impacts on pollinators.

What and When we are targeting.

SPRING – THE HIGHEST RISK OF BEING A HOST. Our spring tick control applications target ticks in their nymph stage of development. After two required blood feedings from people, pets, deer, mice and other animals they mature into the adult stage of their life cycle. (March, April & May)

SUMMER - Summer tick control applications target the adult ticks that have migrated on your property by white footed mice, deer, and other animals including birds. (June, July & August)

AUTUMN – With low temperatures approaching, autumn tick control applications target adults that have migrated to your property. These adults ticks are pregnant and laying 2500-3000 eggs. This application helps prevent and minimize the potential for a spring bite! (September, October & November)


Planning a graduation, Birthday, retirement, family gathering, or graduation party? Our one-time event PARTY SPRAY the Ideal NO-COMMITMENT, short-term solution, making for a safer and more enjoyable gathering. Designed to reduce the number of uninvited ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects unwelcome to your function.